Alexander Torokhov: MircoModul8 contest winner

Back in January we announced the MicroModul8 controller from FaderFox as well as a competition, where we challenged anyone with an existing Modul8 license, to make a video demonstrating how much they love Modul8.

g3 – When and how did you learn about Modul8?

Alex – I downloaded from the Internet a few VJ programs, one of which was modul8. Tested in the use of most of all I liked the modul8 and I love mac!

g3 – When did you start using it and in what context?

Alex – In 2008, I was experimenting at home using a projector and a VJ in a club Lumier.

g3 – What is your favorite function or module?

Alex – It mostly depends on the project.

g3 – How often do you use Modul8?

Alex – Always 🙂

g3 – Do you have cat or dog? If neither, what kind of pet would you want to have?

Alex – Cat lives in my house.

g3 – What is your favorite color?

Alex – Blue.

g3 – Who is your favorite artist (can be any media, film, painting, etc.)

Alex – Lars von Trier, Gerard Butler, Claude Monet and more

g3 – What is your favorite genre of music to perform video with?

Alex – Electronic music (DnB, IDM, minimal)

Alexander will be receiving his MicroModul8 FaderFox controller soon, prior to its official availability.

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