Frischvergiftung offers free inky loops!

Last year a post on the forum attracted my attention. Jetzkultur had created a festival called B-seite (translation ‘B side’) that took place in Mannheim, Germany. The focus and mission of this non-commercial festival was to highlight how advancements in media technologies open up the possibility for what may have previously been ignored to begin to gain wider attention then was previously possible with traditional technology based media. How appropriate then that the festival should include a VJ conference hosted by none other then Visual Berlin collective? The festival was also interested in adding a hands on VJ workshop and for this they had invited the Stuttgart based duo Frischvergiftung whom as it turns out are avid and illustrious modul8 users.

As with many busy designers who have been adding VJing to their skill set it is not just about a projector and a cinema screen. Frischvergiftung has also entered the world of mapping projections as part of their relationship with the booking agency Jagoo to provide a graphical atmospheric experience for the agency Xmass party at Rumours Club in Stuttgart.

Inky Ways VJ-Loops from Frischvergiftung on Vimeo.

Vimeo has provided me with a new and almost constant stream of updates as to what you modul8 users are doing out there. Frischvergiftung has joined in the vimeo modul8 video ring and posted a demo using new loops they have created. In keeping with the atmosphere the VJ community they have released these creations as a free download. You can watch their demo to see how they used the material, check out a preview of the raw material and when you are inspired enough download the loops. Ink splotches are definitely a nod towards a more fluid and yet clean approach to VJ material. The folder contains 21 nicely cut loops that would be a fine addition to any VJ library.

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