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Our friends over at Codanova have unleashed extensive photographs of the refreshed VMX VJ controller. Thinner and with some small graphical alterations this controller is a collaboration between French VJ and tenacious blogger Le Collagiste who had modul8 very much in mind when advising on the layout of the controls.

Its good to see this controller slim down a bit as one my only qualms with it was its size and weight. Ever the traveling digital bards that we are know that every once counts in making that gig back lighter.

One of the sweet spots for me on the VMX VJ is the grid of square buttons that allow for switching media with a visual reference to the media set window with LED lights that act as a visual reference to which media set you are in. By looking down at the led lights I did not have to look at my laptop screen and could therefore determine what media bin I am in. The playback controls at the top can be mapped to the logical record functions for easy access to this feature without having to fiddle around with your mouse cursor.

A year ago last spring…

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I am attending Club Transmediale this week so my regular Wednesday post is brief in preparation for a more extensive post tomorrow about modul8’s presence at this festivals 10th anniversary.

For now you can transport yourself back to the warmth of early spring 2008 when the above video was shot. Comprised of Krmt and Tchernoboy, the always enthusiastic duo are frequent VJ’s at Le Zoo in Geneva, Switzerland. Le Zoo is the type of venue that is always open to finding new and inventive ways of using projectors opened up the night for Geek Connection to create an object that somewhat resembles an abandoned underground city from a video game. Thanks to Boris for the link. I recommend browsing around the other videos on their Daily Motion account for more documentation of VJ sets that take place regularly at Le Zoo.

VJ Decoder

Hustler – Simian Mobile Disco from vj decoder on Vimeo.

I actually caught this on our vimeo group. Very strong. But thanks to Mr. Monekpresso for pointing me to this posting. His quote is also something that warms the heart… “Created with the fantastic modul8 software, which is to motion graphics what photoshop is for the still image.”

Frischvergiftung offers free inky loops!

Last year a post on the forum attracted my attention. Jetzkultur had created a festival called B-seite (translation ‘B side’) that took place in Mannheim, Germany. The focus and mission of this non-commercial festival was to highlight how advancements in media technologies open up the possibility for what may have previously been ignored to begin to gain wider attention then was previously possible with traditional technology based media. How appropriate then that the festival should include a VJ conference hosted by none other then Visual Berlin collective? The festival was also interested in adding a hands on VJ workshop and for this they had invited the Stuttgart based duo Frischvergiftung whom as it turns out are avid and illustrious modul8 users.

As with many busy designers who have been adding VJing to their skill set it is not just about a projector and a cinema screen. Frischvergiftung has also entered the world of mapping projections as part of their relationship with the booking agency Jagoo to provide a graphical atmospheric experience for the agency Xmass party at Rumours Club in Stuttgart.

Inky Ways VJ-Loops from Frischvergiftung on Vimeo.

Vimeo has provided me with a new and almost constant stream of updates as to what you modul8 users are doing out there. Frischvergiftung has joined in the vimeo modul8 video ring and posted a demo using new loops they have created. In keeping with the atmosphere the VJ community they have released these creations as a free download. You can watch their demo to see how they used the material, check out a preview of the raw material and when you are inspired enough download the loops. Ink splotches are definitely a nod towards a more fluid and yet clean approach to VJ material. The folder contains 21 nicely cut loops that would be a fine addition to any VJ library.

S.A.T. = Modul8 outpost in Canada

You love VJ’ing. Why? Maybe because it enriches your life and entices you to explore the uses of media in the projected realm? Now imagine a place that you can go to and study all of these things? If you live in the area of Montreal, Canada you are in luck. At The Society for Arts and Technology (S.A.T. for short) their mission is to bring “together creators who work with digital technologies, fostering collaboration among diverse artistic and scientific disciplines, establishing partnerships with industry and educational institutions and promoting its members at home and abroad”.

I had the good fortune of being invited to perform at Mutek in 2007 and got to see the S.A.T. HQ. The 36,000 square feet space was the perfect place for mixers of music and people.

For individuals looking to learn about VJ’ing S.A.T. offers SAT[TransForm] offers a series of courses that can teach you how to get your creative VJ juices glowing including one course completely dedicated to modul8! We often receive queries at to the availability of a certified modul8 training facility. S.A.T. is the first to offer it.

Mapping 08 veteran TIND (stands for This Is Not Design) is one such example of the VJs who have benefitted from a relationship with S.A.T. and this influence is likely to be a lasting one as their work graces the VJ oriented pages of the [TransForm] sections of the site.

transit remix test 002 from tind :: thisisnotdesign on Vimeo.

Beyond educating the next generation of VJ’s S.A.T. is also extending functionality to modul8. Of note is the development of Raw Materials, a technology that alows modul8 to access the internet, download content and load it directly into the media set.
In its early test phase the S.A.T. crew used the technology during this past New Years Eve MixSessions celebrations.

S.A.T. has also been working on full immersion projection systems and setups using modul8. They have 4 different systems. What caught my attention was a previous use of the igloo dome environment for an project called DOMAGAYA, “An Encounter with Aboriginal Cultures and Digital Arts.” Inside the dome performances, lectures, events and parties were held celebrating native american culture in the region. Technologies used to entertain and inform.

I have travelled quite a bit in the last few years. Every city has something great to offer. Of course because of my work I get to meet modul8 users and groups in every town. Every customer I have met has his or her own take on how to use modul8 in terms of content, technique and context. VJ’s in Montreal clearly have a tremendous resource in their midst that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. (Hey… I am open… know of anything like this somewhere else? Are you affiliated? Let me know). Even if you are just passing through Montreal try to pay a visit. Drop in and say hello. You will not be disappointed.

In 2009 I will look forward to more projects from S.A.T.