MadMapper presentation/workshop


Yesterday we made our first public presentation of an alpha version of MadMapper, a real time video mapping tool. The tool allows you to map video projections to physical surfaces in real time.


The MadMapper was presented by Frz of 1024architecture and Boris as part of one of the workshops held by Cinetrip VJ Tourna in Budapest.

Frz and I spent the earlier part of the day setting up the boxes. He quickly made a simple QuartzComposer setup to test things out and then I stepped in for a bit to try it out myself.

The presentation was short, starting with a smaller projector to show how the interface worked and then showing how the software worked. Boris demonstrated how Modul8 works with the MadMapper and then everyone was provided with a limited version of the MadMapper in its current state so they could try it out themselves in three different places in the empty apartment building provided by the festival, including the court yard.

Here is a breakdown of the current features:
– Real time mapping using ‘quads’ with four corners
– Infinite ‘quads’
– Will work with one output or a triple or dual head2go.
– Usable with any live video performance application on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Boris sets it up with MadMapper

So how does it work? The interface consists of three areas, on the left edge is the layers window where you can select and re-arrange your quads. The center panel displays your video application output where you select regions of your output to be mapped into the quads. The right side is for deforming the quads to fit whatever surfaces you want to map.

With images and people

MadMapper Room 2

Despite the software being in an alpha state, it performed very smoothly no matter how many quads I added. Having used Perspective transform in its various forms through the years and then recently the MapMapMap module, this was a whole other level. Being able to see results immediately, not just on the surfaces of the objects I was mapping, but also within the application itself made the whole process a lot of fun. I was able to use existing material within Modul8 and arrange them as textures.

For the moment we still have a long way to go with this tool. I am not at liberty to provide details about the additional features planned and timeline for the release. What we do know is that based on the reaction of the attendees we have something simple and very useful that we are really excited to work on. I recall a very similar type of excitement when I first started using Modul8.

More photos are available on our flickr account.

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  2. Gabriel says:

    Exciting news indeed!! I just hope MadMapper (suggestions actually) has the abiility to “crop” any image into triangular forms o circles, not limiting itself to rectangular forms of mapping.

    Any ways, I respectfully make myself available for trials and feedback!! =)
    Cheers al the way from Honduras!


  3. Vibeke says:

    Contratulations. This is great news. I will eagerly await it’s release.

  4. Andres Molina says:

    Ohhhhh!!! Amazing! I want the Mad Mapper Module…. i cant wait…

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  7. Joshua Batty says:

    Hey I know this hasn’t been released yet but i’ve got a show in 3 weeks where i will need to map onto a lot of boxes like the photo at the top of this page.

    If this isn’t released soon can anyone reccomend another mapping solution that will allow for that. I’ve been using mapmapmap but can only seem to map 10 quads with that.


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  9. says:

    If you feel comfortable with QC this is available from our partners 1024architecture:

  10. says:

    Interesting approach. Thank you for the reference.

  11. Vj TcheLo says:

    AWESOME !!!! I need this tool … (o_O)

  12. rui gato says:

    very handy tool, looks fantastic!

    i’m planning a video scenography for a theatre play (opens end of january 2011), that involves lots (50 ~) of suspended video canvas (squares) . would be really nice to work with this tool + syphon

    any ideas for the release date, and how much will it cost?

  13. says:

    While the development has been unusually rapid, realistically it will not be ready for your project. Just to be clear, Syphon is what makes the whole thing work, so the release of Mad Mapper will likely coincide with the official release of Syphon support within Modul8. Unfortunately, no date or price can be detailed at this time.

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  16. EyeInfection says:

    Can’t wait! Got 4 new short throw beamers and cannot wait to start mapping the shit out everything :)
    Or to say it a bit more like a vj: Start a visual playground!
    I’m really grateful that you guys are making this work for us….Respect!

  17. paula velez says:

    Hey, I know very soon there will be a kind of presentation in Bogotá, Colombia. Is it that true? I can¡t way to see the tracking-mapping modul working.
    I want tu use it! tell me when is ready please!


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  19. says:

    For the record… MadMapper is for mapping. A tracking tool is something that will require another application. That said, depending on where we go with its future development and ‘easy’ tracking tool might be feasible.

  20. says:

    But that is pure speculation on my part.

  21. vonhellsing says:

    We stay produce one new show here the idea is using a lot of mapping, when Madmapper will be fine ? i see thats one guy using in brazil, other in bogota. Is beta version ? is possible we test ?


  22. says:

    At the moment it is still in alpha (development) phase. The places you saw it for testing were controlled test sites. We will not be providing any copies for testing for now. The release is scheduled for this year.

  23. phil seon says:


    are you working on a windows version ? Would be great…

  24. says:

    For the short term no. One of the major obstacles is that Syphon, the thing that allows us to do this magic, is a Mac OS X technology.

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  26. Lukas says:

    Hey, we would love to use some pictures of your blog for a VICE movie about Pfadfinderei.
    Is this possible? Hope to here from you.
    Thanks Lukas

  27. says:

    Hello Lukas. Please send me a message at info [at] garagecube [dot] com indicating which photos exactly you would like to use.

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