Narrative Structure 6 workshop

Narrating Structures flyer


The next MadMapper/Modul8  videomapping workshop will be the 7 & 8 March at Apiary Studios – London  with Cortázara Cortázar, Blanca Regina and Reuben Sutherland organized by  Mademotionmotion

more info at:

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120 Polygons Module by a nomad


James from A nomad  recently released this small but powerful generative shapes module for Modul8 – ‘120 polygons’

this modules draws polygons around the center of the screen in a  circular fashion. the first polygon is drawn at 0 degrees (3 o’clock) and the remaining polygons are draw counter-clockwise at equal distances on the outer circle. each polygon is drawn using similar maths (determining points on the perimeter of a circle then connecting the dots).

Modul8 modules coders can thank james because  the current module is a ‘proof of concept’ and the code has been documented to facilitate customization and improvements

The module is accessible to all registred modul8 users from the Online public library

An example of the module running is available at


Mappathon workshop in Tokyo – January 2015

The next Mappathon will be organized by the General Foundation Mapping Association In Tokyo on 26-27 January 2015  at the Digital Hollywood Tokyo School.
You will learn to build video Mapping installation with  MadMapper and Modul8 

Mappathon in Tokyo info can be found at:

Mapping WS3

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Best Wishes for 2015

Happy new year !!! The GarageCube Team is happy to announce that 2015 will be bring you Improvements for Modul8. A public Beta of Modul8 2.9 is available to all modul8 users from the yourspace page

Merry Xmas ! The Holiday season brings a new place to shop hardware,  Modul8 Bundles, Goodies. It’s now open and available from Garagecube ShopHoliday Sales !