Modul8 Yourspace update – end user remote deauthorization

Modul8 end users can now retrieve  serial by email directly from the yourspace page, all you have to do is follow the “Forgot your serial ?” link

Users can also now remotely deauthorize modul8 directly from the Yourspace page. Users can  REMOTELY RESET  serial ONCE A YEAR.  The remote deauthorization is an emergency procedure only. After  reset all possible authorizations for the current year, user won’t be ab le to activate Modul8 again.

The Standard Deauthorization procedure remains the same:

If you need to authorize Modul8 on a different computer and you have already used authorizations you must de-authorize Modul8 from one of the computers BEFORE

You can deauthorize Modul8 as follows:

1. Connect to the internet. On Modul8 go to the Modul8 Menu (beside the apple icon).
2. Choose on the list ‘deauthorize Modul8…’
3. You will be asked on the next window if you want to ‘Deauthorize Offline’ or ‘Deauthorize Now!’. Choose ‘
4. There will be another message: ‘Please wait while Modul8 is desauthorized’ and a second one asking for your password for your Mac Administrator to allows the changes. If you do not have a password, click OK.
5. Once you have done that, on the same window where you read : ‘ Please wait while Modul8 is desauthorized’, the following message will appear in red ‘Modul8 has been successfully deauthorized on this computer’ then Modul8 will automatically quit.

Then you will be able to install Modul8 in the machine of your choice with the same serial number.

Kalma VJ Video Mapping Workshop 13-14 June Leipzig

The Next Video Mapping Workshop for beginner with Kalma VJ will be on 13-June at KulturKollektiv – Leipzig – Germany

Learn the basics of video mapping with madmapper and modul8 workshop.

more info:!mapping-workshop-with-madmapper-ww-leipzig/
facebook event



Hey If you couldn’t attend the mapping festival amazing workshops, you can join the next Interactive Mappathon workshop in June 27 – 29 at Reverse -Brooklyn, USA

Interactive Mappathon is a 3-day projection mapping marathon workshop , followed by an art installation exhibited at REVERSE and open to the public. this workshop is conducted by CHiKA and Bruno Kruse. You will learn to use MadMapper and Modul8

You can register or get more info at


Kalma VJ Modul8 workshop – Berlin

Video report of the workshop conducted by Kalma VJ in Berlin on the 26th and 27th of April

VJ+MODUL8 Workshop.FilmArche.Abril14 from Kalma on Vimeo.

New Modul8 videoTutorial by Recreatd

A New Modul8 video tutorial by Recreatd is now available on Recreatd youtube channel.
This video tutorial covers a global overview of Modul8. You can watch all videos from the The Modul8 Essential  youtube channel at this address: