Mappathon workshop in Tokyo – January 2015

The next Mappathon will be organized by the General Foundation Mapping Association In Tokyo on 26-27 January 2015  at the Digital Hollywood Tokyo School.
You will learn to build video Mapping installation with  MadMapper and Modul8 

Mappathon in Tokyo info can be found at:

Mapping WS3

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Best Wishes for 2015

Happy new year !!! The GarageCube Team is happy to announce that 2015 will be bring you Improvements for Modul8. A public Beta of Modul8 2.9 is available to all modul8 users from the yourspace page

Merry Xmas ! The Holiday season brings a new place to shop hardware,  Modul8 Bundles, Goodies. It’s now open and available from Garagecube ShopHoliday Sales !


MadMapper Workshop in Bogota


The Next MadMapper and Modul8 workshop in south america will be held in Bogota. •VJ•LAB & •MAPPING•LAB the 7-8 november. These workshops will be conducted by Laura from Optikal Link lab

more info at :



Modul8 Alpha 2.9 – BETA Program

Modul8 2.9 Alpha (b2256) has been released.

+ Native OSC support
+ Native support for BlackMagic devices (10.9+)
+ New Video Capture system (10.9+)
If you are a registered Modul8 user you can still register the BETA Program from the yourspace page


GarageCUBE is proud to introduce you to a new member of the GarageCUBE Family – Pierre Guilluy. During the LED Fashion workshop at the Mapping festival, we met this talented and kind guy. Pierre has joined the Modul8 development Team